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How To Secure Sliding Glass Doors

How To Secure Sliding Glass Doors
How To Secure Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors can be a stylish yet vulnerable point of entry into our homes. With some simple precautions, we can deter intruders and protect our families and belongings. In this guide, we will walk through essential steps to better secure sliding glass doors using affordable home security solutions.

Start With the Locks

The locks that came standard with your sliding doors are likely inadequate to stop a determined burglar. Consider replacing existing locks or adding secondary locking mechanisms for better security. Here are some options:

  • Cylinder Locks: Install extra locks that use a key from both the inside and outside. This prevents the lock from being disengaged by breaking the glass. Go with high-quality stainless steel for durability.
  • Security Bars: Place an adjustable bar or rod in the door track to jam it and prevent forced entry. Security bars are portable options perfect for travel or rentals.
  • Charlie Bars: Named after Charles Manson who reportedly used them to enter homes, these simple angled bars wedge tightly under the door track to block lifting or forcing open. Low-cost but effective option.
  • Pin Locks: Drill a vertical hole through the operating door and frame, insert the pin to secure an extra layer of protection when engaged.

Install a Security Film

Security film consists of plastic sheeting that holds glass fragments together if broken, keeping the door intact. Properly installed security film can deter smash and grab break-ins. Consider professional installation for smooth application without bubbles or creases. DIY kits are affordable but installation can be tricky.

Improve Outdoor Lighting

Well-lit exteriors discourage prowlers from targeting your sliding glass doors. Illuminate entrances and yards with bright, motion-activating security spotlights. LED bulbs give the best bang for buck on electricity usage. Ensure fixtures themselves are out of reach to prevent tampering.

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Invest in a Home Security System

While the techniques above improve physical security, a monitored home security system adds 24/7 intelligent monitoring with instant notification of break-in attempts. DIY systems are economical yet effective options with self-monitoring via smartphone. Or go with professional installation and monthly monitoring services for total protection including fire/carbon monoxide monitoring, smart home automation and more. Keypad and motion-detector systems tend to work best for monitoring sliding glass entry points.

Strategically Place Entrance Mats

Placing door mats, potted plants or other decorative items in front of your sliding glass door is an easy way to obstruct view and access. This also avoids advertising your home’s entry points. Just be sure you have a clear view outdoors from windows in case of emergencies.

Install Exterior Lighting with Motion Sensors

Bright spotlights paired with motion sensors make sliding glass doors far less appealing access points. The unexpected illumination startles intruders. Position floodlights to eliminate blind spots and pair with DVR security cameras if possible so you have visual verification.

Use a Security Door Stop Alarm

Wedge convenient security door stop alarms under doors when home. The built-in motion sensors instantly trigger loud alarm tones if the door is moved. Some can activate external sirens for added attention-grabbing power or connect to your security system. Portable and easy-to-use layered protection.

Sliding Door Cover Options

For optimal security, completely restricting access to sliding glass doors when vacant is best. Absent homeowners can install a custom plywood board painted to match the home. Just be sure to allow airflow to avoid moisture issues. Motorized roll-down shutters triggered automatically by home security systems are an advanced solution. Storm shutters also deter smash and grab break-ins.

The Best Family Dogs for Home Security

A loyal dog with strong protective instincts brings security system-level monitoring for far less money. Big breeds like German Shepherds, Dobermans and Rottweilers have renowned territorial behavior. Herding breeds like Collies or Sheepdogs also loyally watch over households. With good obedience training, they differentially bark more aggressively at true threats. Dogs bring not just security but endless affection to families.

In Closing

Sliding glass doors undoubtedly enhance aesthetics and sunlight exposure indoors. However, vulnerabilities need addressing since they are the second most-used point of entry by burglars. Implementing some combination of these physical fortification tactics, electronic monitoring solutions and vigilant companions hardens sites against intrusion. Following this comprehensive guide helps keep our possessions and loved ones safer. Now relax and enjoy the stylish look and inviting entry experience sliding doors were designed to deliver without security worries.

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