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Installing a New Home Security System




1 5501 Keypad
3 Wireless Door Sensors
1 Motion or Glassbreak Sensor
Main Control Panel
Wireless Sensor Receiver
Siren & Backup Battery
Yard Sign and Window Stickers
1 Year Labor and Parts Warranty
Installed by Callaway Security
$19.99/ wireless monitoring per month for homes
$23.95/month for small business
No Contract


The first step in creating a total home security strategy is installing an alarm system with our alarm monitoring service. Our certified professionals have installed hundreds of alarm systems in homes across Atlanta with dependable technology made by companies like Honeywell and GE. Especially if you own a new home, your space may not be outfitted with a security system yet. Even a do-it-yourself job may not leave you fully protected. Schedule an appointment with one of our technicians for a complete professional installation. Our certified technicians will survey your home or business to ensure that every window and door is part of a total-monitoring system. This process usually takes only a few hours and guarantees your safety for years to come. Every installation job poses new questions and new security strategies. Depending on your specific needs, we can install basic alarm components or very sophisticated security technology. A residential home may only need a standard alarm system, but our expert technicians can install state-of-the-art security devices if necessary.

Wireless Alarm Monitoring

For only $19.99 a month, Callaway Security can install affordable home security in Atlanta with a wireless alarm system. This type of home security package will still function in the event that your phone line is cut or internet isn’t working. In the event of inclement weather or extreme emergencies, this type of system can be very helpful in quickly reaching the central monitoring station and dispatching authorities to your area.

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