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Glass Break Detectors for Home & Business Security

Glass Break DetectorsWindow contacts only protect your home, business or commercial building if a thief opens a window or door. If he breaks out the glass, the magnetic circuit in a security switch is not broken and the alarm system does not go off.

Glass break detectors protect your home, business or commercial building in this scenario. Technological advances in the security system industry (and smarter thieves) have made glass break detectors an important part of security systems.

Callaway Security uses the newest generation of glass break detectors to protect your home, business or commercial building. These detectors acknowledge the sound not the physical vibrations of breaking glass and need only to be placed one per room, because they monitor all the windows within a twenty-five foot radius.

Even with the latest technology in detectors, there still a small chance of a false alarm. Sometimes the glass break detectors confuse the sound of a bell or tinkling tableware with the vibrations given off by breaking glass. Even though the most modern of glass break detectors are not fail proof, they do offer remarkable security against burglars entering your home or commercial building through windows, which are the second most common point of entry.

Once we have installed glass break detectors for your home or commercial building, we can also provide any ongoing maintenance needed. Callaway Security is just a phone call away.

In addition to glass break detectors, we offer other security products such as keypads, key fobs, smoke detectors, motion detectors and wireless monitoring devices to residential and commercial clients in and around Atlanta. All of our products include the most advanced technology available. We offer all of the products and services you need to protect your home, business or commercial building.

If you are interested in glass break detectors or full security systems for your home, business or commercial business in or around Atlanta, please contact our Atlanta glass break detector providers at Callaway Security today. We look forward to working with you.