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Home Installation Security Cameras in Alpharetta, GA

Security Camera Systems

Imagine you are a restaurant or bar owner and adhere to a daytime schedule but are unsure of why some inventory numbers might now be matching up or why the door was unlocked when you arrived this morning. Not all businesses are imposed upon by immediate threats, but it is important to be prepared for those instances when you are not around, and the company might be at risk. Whether you need evidence for a prior event or if you would just like to check in from time to time, a security camera system will benefit all businesses and homeowners. 

Mobile and wireless technology have opened the doors for security systems in your home and the workplace. Don’t spend your time wondering what goes on behind the scenes when you go home at the end of the day. Callaway Security systems provide a 24/7 window to the safety of your livelihood with the mere touch of a finger. Our state of the art security camera system is compatible with smartphones, iPhones, tablets, PCs and Mac computers, enabling remote access to real time surveillance as you go about your day. Contact us today for business or home security systems in Alpharetta, GA.

We offer several variations of camera packages to meet your business’s needs:

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IP Cameras

Otherwise known as internet protocol cameras, IP camera systems enable data to be processed through a computer via the internet. Most surveillance cameras are considered to be a form of an IP camera and are offered in both 720p and 1080p versions. A 1080p camera will have a higher resolution for clearer visibility that will give you higher quality security. While a 720p camera is sufficient, it is often better suited for mobile streaming on devices such as a smartphone or tablet.

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While analog cameras are perfectly reliable and are often a more cost-effective option, the resolution, color, and speed does not quite reach the quality of an IP camera. We do have cameras that can achieve 1.3mp using analog cameras.

Commercial video monitoring


DVR or digital video recording systems are multi-channel security camera systems that are typically weatherproof and can be placed in multiple locations at your home or business. Using analog cameras, footage can be recorded for viewing later. DVR cameras are often equipped with night vision technology for after-hour surveillance.

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NVR or network video recording camera systems are designed to work with IP cameras and provide higher definition footage. In addition, NVR packages will often have an embedded operating system, which makes equipment compatibility more brand-specific. Contact us today to decide what system is best for you and your home or business.