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Atlanta CCTV Loss Prevention Cameras

Every year, businesses such as banks and retail stores incur significant losses due to theft by customers and employees. If you own or operate a business such as a bank, restaurant or retail store you know the power security cameras have in preventing losses from theft. These affordable security cameras are a huge deterrent to theft. 

Installing CCTV security camera systems is also a great way to monitor the activities of your employees. This can be very beneficial for businesses such as day cares by utilizing nanny cams, nursing homes, private schools, retail stores, restaurants and more.

Cumming GA Security Cameras

Today’s Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) technology provides business owners with a way to monitor their employees and to prevent losses from theft 24-hours a day. Callaway Security sells, installs and services CCTV systems for commercial clients in and around Atlanta. We have been installing loss prevention security cameras for businesses in and around Atlanta for over twenty years. 

Callaway Security offers state-of-the-art fixed dome, PTZ dome, bullet and infrared cameras to be used for indoor and outdoor applications. We sell, install and service cameras from the leading brands and manufacturers.

Dome cameras are often used when businesses want to make sure that employees and customers know that they are being monitored. Some will even post signs to this effect. Posting signs and using dome cameras are a powerful way to reduce losses from theft.

Alpharetta Security Systems

Bullet cameras can be easily hidden and are often used in undercover applications. They are very small and can be placed in strategic locations and used to monitor the activity of employees and customers without them knowing they are being monitored. 

Callaway Security sells and installs DVR recording technology that enables business owners to record activity captured by CCTV cameras and archive this information for later review. Our DVR recorders are H.264 certified and compliant. Most are Iphone compatible and network ready.

If you are interested in installing loss prevention cameras into your business or commercial building in or around Atlanta, please contact our Atlanta CCTV Loss Prevention Camera Professionals at Callaway Security today. We look forward to helping you prevent losses from theft.

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