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Home & Business Wireless Monitoring Devices

Wireless Alarm and Security System Monitoring

With today’s wireless monitoring technology, it is no longer necessary to have a land telephone line in order to monitor the security alarm or fire alarm in your residential home, business or commercial building. Callaway Security installs wireless monitoring for residential or for businesses from Uplink in and around Atlanta. Uplink is the market leader in wireless monitoring and has been providing wireless alarm communications for residential and commercial applications for over fifteen years. 

Callaway offers a wireless security monitoring service for rates as low as $22.00 per month for new residential and commercial customers. The technology is simple. If there is an alarm signal and the phone in your home is out, has been cut or there is no primary land telephone line, Uplink delivers the message over a dedicated cellular link to our monitoring station. Uplink offers 24/7 dedicated customer support services.

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GA Wireless Monitoring for primary and back-up applications

Wireless monitoring is ideal for both primary back-up applications. If you choose to use this monitoring technology as your primary method of alarm monitoring, you can increase your security while at the same time decreasing monthly expenses by eliminating the need for a telephone land line. This is ideal for customers who utilize VOIP instead of a land telephone line. 

This technology can also be used for smoke and fire monitoring to protect your home, business or commercial building from fire. Callaway Security is just a phone call away! If you are interested in wireless monitoring for your residential home, business or commercial building in or around Atlanta, please contact our Atlanta monitoring experts today. We look forward to helping you protect your home, business or commercial building through wireless technology.

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