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How Much Does a Home Security System Cost in Atlanta

How much does a home security cost
Home Security Systems Atlanta

Home emergencies, break-ins, and disastrous fires are all things that nobody likes to consider until it’s late. A well-designed home security system in Atlanta will make those situations less likely. Different options for customization may ensure that peace of mind can be more affordable than you’d think.

Your home is your refuge. However, burglaries do happen in the homes of Atlanta at an average of 184 per 100,000. After an incident or a devastating fire in this sanctuary, it may take some time to be able to return home feeling secure. 

There are several actions that homeowners and renters could take to secure their homes, including increasing the security of their windows and doors and locking doors or locked, clearing the lawn, and lighting the outdoor area, as well as maintaining carbon monoxide and smoke detectors equipped with fresh batteries.

While the precautionary and alert measures can be helpful, they don’t provide much protection to the home once an armed burglar decides to enter. This is where a reliable security system can help monitor your home for any initial signs of invasion, from alerts to loud alarms, inform the people living there and the officers of the crime that is in progress, and possibly help identify criminals. A security system will provide both security and security.

However, such a security system is a major investment. Home alarm systems that have monitoring require expert installation and equipment and a monthly, quarterly or annual cost for monitoring. The cost for these systems can vary depending on the location, the degree of monitoring, and the features you select. 

The agreements for home security systems may include small prints and hidden charges. Knowing the options and the types of questions you can ask will help you create an affordable budget and choose the features that ensure you and your family are protected.

Whatever level of security you select, experts agree that the best home security systems in Atlanta will be worth your cost.

Calculating Home Security System Cost

A security system isn’t just a single-priced cost. Many aspects are integral to every installation and other areas where the costs will depend on your preferences and allow you to manage the cost a little more.


Installation involves the cost of physically placing security equipment and connecting them to the main nerve center for the entire system. An installation of a basic security system costs around $200. In comparison, more complicated systems could cost anywhere from $800 to $1,600 to install, based on the complexity and size of the system and the design of your home.

A larger number of wiring units will add more cost to the installation, particularly when cutting holes in ceilings or walls is required. Because of this, wired systems are generally slightly more to install than wireless systems. Certain monitoring companies offer customers a box that includes materials and directions for DIY installation of the equipment and saving on the installation cost.


A basic security package for your home includes a central control panel with sensors for windows and doors, motion detectors, video doorbells, sirens, and typically an accessory keychain that can activate or deactivate the security system while you’re away from the control panel. Some companies will provide the equipment at no cost when you buy their monitoring service, but be certain to verify and be sure you’re not paying a high monthly fee for monitoring for the privilege.

The most basic set of equipment costs around $280. It could be higher than what is advertised. The “startup price” offered by numerous companies typically includes fewer camera sensors and cameras than you’ll require, so be cautious about budgeting based on the initial price, and obtain a complete estimate instead.

The additional sensors required in large homes or one with multiple levels can add up to additional costs, as could the addition of other motion sensors and remote places. Adding glass break sensors, carbon monoxide, smoke detectors, and cameras could add significant or small costs based on your selected option. It is essential to know the scope of your contract and also request that the home security equipment you purchase be described to know the exact amount you’re paying for.


There are security systems that are just sensors that are connected to alarms. Monitoring systems include the security business “listening” to your system’s sensors throughout the day and being ready to act in the event of an issue. If you opt for a monitored system, you’ll have to know the security firm’s monitoring services. 

Monitoring via landlines has been the norm for a long time. It transmits home security company data via the landlines of existing phone companies, usually adding your security cost between $15 and $30 per month. 

However, as users “cut the cord” and depend on mobile services, GSM chip monitoring through cell networks has become the standard choice, costing a little more at around $65 per month because of the costlier equipment. If you’re using a landline, ask what type of monitoring will be used. It may reduce your monthly bills.

Fees for Activation

Monitored systems typically require an activation charge to cover the cost of connecting the home’s system. These charges can be anywhere from $200. You’ll have to calculate the math right; frequently, businesses that advertise “no activation fee” appear to save your money, yet they add extra charges onto the monthly bill or charge higher monitoring fees, so selecting a service solely based on the absence of an activation fee may result in more cost in the end.

Plan Level

Monitoring plans are available at various levels. Self-monitoring systems permit users to join the monitoring system via an iPhone and save video of cameras monitored in a cloud-based system for a limited time. The basic professional monitoring system includes 24-hour monitoring of windows and doors and notifications to officials in case of an alarm. 

More extensive monitoring could include monitoring of carbon monoxide and smoke detection, alarms for fire, and sensors for leaks in water. Specific plans also monitor for medical emergencies. These features can add to the cost per month. Additionally, higher-end plans could feature live surveillance and the ability to automate your home, which can substantially raise the monthly service’s cost. 

Speak to your preferred service provider about your options and select the most suitable home security system to meet your requirements. If you’re worried about your home’s security costs, keep in mind that there’s no need to spend money on features you aren’t using or don’t want. Modify your plan to suit your security needs.


The maintenance costs associated with the home security system in Atlanta won’t be a significant expense in most cases. You’ll be able to change out the batteries inside the fobs and backups inside the panels periodically. Lithium-ion batteries last for years, but they are costly, and this price will be contingent on the quantity you own. However, hardwired systems need less maintenance.

Wireless systems, such as smart home devices for home automation, will need maintenance because users might require updating the software to support the system. The only major cost for maintenance is when the system fails or has been damaged and needs an inspection. Certain companies will include service visits in their agreements, while others cover these visits for a year or two and then cost them following the warranty time. Review your contract to find specifics regarding this policy before taking the plunge and signing.

Best Home Security Systems in Atlanta

Every house must find a reliable company to install home security systems in Atlanta. Burglars can be unpredictable and seize every chance they have to break into homes. A security system in Atlanta ensures that you and your family members are secure and informs you when anyone or anything is attempting to gain entry. 

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