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7 Ways Today’s Home Security Has Evolved

Home security in Atlanta today has evolved quite a lot since the days of simple deadbolts and chains on the door. Technology now allows us to incorporate digital security into old networks, which can make protecting yourself much easier. Without proper guidance, however, many of these advances can be lost on the average homeowner.

Presented by the professional team at Callaway Security in Alpharetta Ga serving the greater Atlanta area, these seven modern security measures are becoming all the rage in homes across the country.

#1 Home Automation Systems

Probably the most pronounced security advance is the integration of home automation systems. Right from a smartphone or tablet, you can control your home’s door locks, lights and security cameras. More complete systems can even give you remote access to thermostats!

#2 Smart DoorsSmart cameras | callaway security

Unlike traditional doors, the locks for which can often be picked open, smart doors use locks that require a key fob or smartphone. These locks often run through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and typically give you additional access to real time monitoring and other home automation systems.

#3 Smart Cameras

Security cameras today are less expensive and easier to install than ever before. Newer smart security cameras are specifically some of the best pieces of technology out there, allowing you remote access to live security feeds.

#4 Smart Garages

By incorporating smart technology in your garage as well, you can add that extra layer of protection to your security system. These new garages can be controlled remotely, allowing you to secure your garage door against any unwanted visitors. You can also implement motion sensors and other smart features in your garage.

#5 Remote Monitoring

By integrating new remote monitoring technology, you can keep an eye on your property from anywhere. These feeds will come in real time as well, meaning that you will be able to notify emergency personnel the second you see something go awry.

#6 Home Sensors

Home sensors can provide you with immediate warnings if your home has been disturbed. This includes everything from door alarms and window sensors to motion triggers and indoor sirens. In other words, home sensors are full security systems that can keep your interiors armed and ready.

#7 Fingerprint Scanners

Fingerprint scanning is quickly becoming available to anyone looking to invest in a new security system. Used mostly on door locks, fingerprint scanners can be a good alternative to smart door locks.

Learn More About Home Security in Atlanta

As times goes on, technology will continue to advance and home security systems will become more and more complex. Georgia residents looking to beef up their security with innovative new technologies will therefore want to select a security company with a proven track record of adapting to the times.

Callaway Security has been providing top of the line home security in Atlanta for years and we want to share our expertise with you. Whether big or small, your home deserves to be protected. By reaching out to one of our representatives, we can start introducing you to new security measures right away.