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Home Security Systems Alpharetta

Home Security Systems Alpharetta

Home Security Systems Alpharetta
Home Security Systems Alpharetta

Home Security System Installation


The startling burglary rates make a homeowner wonder if his/her home is as safe as he/she wants it to be. The best way to reassure yourself is by investing in good home security system.  In the City of Alpharetta, there are so many security companies around, how can you choose which one is the best? Hopefully, the information below will assist you in making the best decision for you and your family.

What is the Best Home Security System

Which is better? A DIY or a professionally-installed home security system?

To be honest, each one has its individual benefits. A DIY system can save you money, including installation charges. However, many times these systems aren’t as reliable and highly rated as a system purchased and installed by a professional security company like Callaway Security & Sound. If you are not tech savvy, leave it to the professionals.  Our security systems may be a bit more expensive, but we do all the work for you, and you know exactly what you are paying for up front. No hidden costs. Our technicians can also assess your home during the installation to identify any potential targets.

How Much Does a Home Security System Cost In Alpharetta GA?

This depends on the type of equipment which can also change the monitoring rates. Equipment includes things like motion sensors, control panels, window and door sensors, etc.  On an average, a basic security package in Alpharetta GA costs a few hundred dollars. However, you can decide what you want in your security package, and we’ll customize for you.  Many people consider monitoring costs to be an unnecessary expense and opt to monitor their systems on their own. However, it’s risky because you may not be paying attention when the alarm is triggered.
Callaway Security suggests opting for professional monitoring utilizing our central station. Although it does cost extra, it’s worth it. You know there’s someone always watching your home while you sleep tight or when you are away.

What equipment should I buy?
There are no fixed items to include in home security systems; it all depends on your home and its structure. A house with 10 doors and numerous of windows needs more equipment than a small, ranch home.  The cost will also depend on the type of security you want, landline or wireless, remote access, home automation, as well as disaster-prevention devices like water sensors, smoke detectors, etc.

Home Security Disaster Monitoring Devices: What are they?

These devices warn you if there’s some environmental issue such as fire or water damage endangering your home. Examples are smoke alarms, water sensors, and carbon monoxide detectors.  Callaway Security sells both disaster devices and its smart counterparts that send warnings on your phone and the monitoring station.

Can I set up my home security systems in Alpharetta myself?

The DIY home security system reaches you with setting-up instructions. Anyone with some DIY knowledge can easily install it. You just have to pick up the phone and call Callaway Security if you run into any problem.  There’s always someone ready to help you out. It’s, however, possible to avoid all these hassles by having your system professionally installed.

Should a home security systems in Alpharetta include security cameras?

Cameras are highly recommended by Callaway.  Callaway Security suggests buying a doorbell camera and cameras around the home to give your piece of mind that your home is safe whether you are home or away.  The cameras may be viewed on your phone using the security app.  You could perhaps include indoor cameras to keep an eye on your kids or pets.

Installing a Home security system in Alpharetta GA is Just a Call-Away
All it takes is a call to Callaway Security to find out all you need to know about home security systems. Our representatives and experts are always available and ready to answer all your questions and guide you.