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Wireless Monitoring for Commercial Security System

Callaway Security uses wireless monitoring systems from Uplink in and around the Atlanta area. Uplink is the market leader in wireless monitoring and has been successfully providing wireless alarm communications for commercial applications for over fifteen years. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Uplink will deliver an alarm message over a dedicated cellular link to Callaway Security’s monitoring station for your security.

Wireless monitoring can be used as the primary source of monitoring or as a back up in the case of a land line being cut or not working making it an ideal option. If you choose to use wireless monitoring as your primary method of alarm monitoring, you can increase your business’s security while at the same time decreasing monthly expenses by eliminating the need for a telephone land line. This is ideal for customers who utilize VOIP instead of a land telephone line. Wireless monitoring can be used for back up in the cases where phone lines are down, have been cut or if you or an employee or customer is under duress during a hostage situation. This is particularly beneficial for businesses such as banks and retail stores that are vulnerable to burglaries .

Wireless monitoring can also be used for smoke and fire monitoring to protect your business from fire. Callaway Security offers wireless alarm monitoring services for rates as low as $22.00 per month for new customers.

Callaway Security is proud to offer the best options for your safety in wireless technology for security system monitoring as well as remote access using your iPhone, Android or Blackberry. Please contact our Atlanta wireless alarm monitoring experts at Callaway Security today. We look forward to hearing from you!