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Who Installs Security Cameras In A Home

Who Installs Security Cameras In A Home
Who Installs Security Cameras In A Home

Installing security cameras in your home can provide an added layer of protection and peace of mind. But when it comes to getting security cameras installed, you have a few options to consider. Should you do a DIY installation or hire a professional? What factors should you consider when deciding? In this blog post, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of DIY security camera installation versus hiring a professional. We’ll also provide tips on choosing the right installation company or individual to meet your home’s security needs.

DIY Security Camera Installation

For some homeowners, a DIY security camera installation may be the preferred route. Today’s security cameras and systems are designed to be relatively easy for the average homeowner to install themselves. Many cameras simply need to be mounted and connected to power. High-tech wireless security cameras don’t even require running video cables back to a recording device.

If you’re fairly handy and comfortable working with basic electrical and low-voltage wiring, installing security cameras on your own could be a viable option. DIY installation allows you to have full control over the process, including camera placement, system settings, and ongoing maintenance. You also avoid the cost of paying a professional installer.

However, there are some downsides to keep in mind with DIY security camera installation:

  • It requires an investment of your personal time and effort to install the cameras properly. The process may take longer than hiring a professional.
  • Mistakes made during installation can lead to poorly placed cameras, unsecure wiring, or other issues that compromise your home’s security.
  • Without professional know-how, you may end up with blind spots in coverage or suboptimal camera placements.
  • You have sole responsibility for troubleshooting any technical problems that crop up with the cameras after installation.
  • DIY installation may void warranties from security camera manufacturers.

For many homeowners, the benefits of a professionally installed security camera system outweigh the downsides of tackling installation solo. But for those with the skill, time and patience for DIY installation, it can certainly be a worthwhile endeavor.

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Hiring a Professional for Security Camera Installation

Hiring a professional security camera installer is the preferred choice for many homeowners and businesses. Professional installation companies have extensive experience designing and installing security camera systems for a wide range of applications. They offer technical expertise that the average homeowner simply doesn’t have.

Professional installers have the necessary skills, tools and equipment to properly install security cameras both inside and outside your home. A professional installation company will:

  • Conduct a site evaluation and recommend optimal indoor and outdoor camera placements for full coverage of your property with no blind spots.
  • Determine the optimal camera types and features (like pan/tilt/zoom, infrared night vision, etc.) based on your home’s unique security needs and budget.
  • Properly run and conceal wiring so it’s not visible or easily accessed by intruders.
  • Configure the security camera system settings and ensure seamless integration with other smart home devices you may have.
  • Offer professional-grade equipment that stands up to the elements and security threats when cameras are placed outdoors.
  • Provide proper mounting, cabling and power to avoid cameras being disrupted.
  • Maintain compliance with building codes and regulations during installation.
  • Offer customer support and troubleshooting assistance after the cameras are installed and connected.
  • Provide system manuals, training and instructions on operating the cameras and related equipment.
  • Offer a warranty or guarantee on parts, labor and their work.

Reputable security camera installation companies employ trained technicians who are extremely knowledgeable about camera technology, positioning, wireless connectivity, power and hardwiring requirements. The best companies have experience installing systems in all types of residential and commercial properties. They understand how to tailor the system to provide maximum security for your specific home setup and family needs.

Professional installers also typically handle obtaining any required permits or compliance inspections for the security camera setup. And they follow up after installation to ensure everything is functioning properly and address any issues that pop up. When cameras are installed correctly by professionals, it provides homeowners with added peace of mind knowing that their home’s security has been enhanced.

Tips for Choosing a Professional Security Camera Installer

Once you’ve opted to hire an installation pro, it’s important to take the time to choose the right company or individual. Here are a few tips for selecting a reputable installer for your home’s security camera system:

  • Verify licensing and insurance – Opt for a licensed, bonded and insured security camera contractor. This helps ensure they are properly accredited and you have recourse in case of damages. Ask potential installers for proof of licensing and current insurance certificates.
  • Look for specializations or certifications – Seek out companies or installers that specialize in security camera systems, as opposed to general IT, electrical or handyman services. Specific training and manufacturer certifications in security camera installation are preferable.
  • Check references and reviews – Ask companies for references from recent security camera installation clients. Check online reviews from independent sites to evaluate the quality of the company’s customer service and workmanship.
  • Compare multiple bids – Get written estimates from at least three installers so you can compare pricing, equipment options and projected timelines side-by-side.
  • Inquire about warranties – Ask what post-installation warranties and guarantees the installer provides on equipment, labor and their overall work. At minimum a 1-year labor warranty is recommended.
  • Ask about monitoring – Determine if the installer offers professional monitoring services following the initial equipment installation to keep your cameras functioning optimally.
  • Consider experience – Choose a security camera pro who has been in the industry for several years and has expertise designing and installing systems similar to what you require.
  • Schedule a consultation – Have potential installers visit your home to evaluate your setup and assess your security needs prior to generating a price quote.

By doing your due diligence to find the most qualified and reputable security camera installation company, you can feel confident entrusting your home’s security to their expert hands. The investment will provide long-term peace of mind knowing your cameras are set up for maximum effectiveness.

DIY vs Professional Installation: Which is Right for You?

When trying to decide between DIY installation and hiring a professional, consider your own skills and comfort level. How tech-savvy are you? Do you have experience running electrical wiring or hooking up electronic devices? What is your timeframe for getting the cameras installed and operational?

DIY security camera installation is best suited to:

  • Homeowners who are handy with wiring, electronics and low-voltage systems
  • Those with ample free time to research installation techniques and mount cameras
  • People on a budget who want to avoid labor costs
  • Tech enthusiasts who enjoy tackling home electronics projects

Professional installation is ideal for:

  • Homeowners who value their security enough to invest in expert craftsmanship
  • Those lacking the skills or time for a DIY camera installation
  • People who want the peace of mind of professional-grade equipment and setup
  • Homeowners seeking an added layer of security with monitoring services
  • Individuals who prefer the warranty protections provided by installers

For most homeowners, the wisest choice is to hire a professional security camera installation company. By paying reasonable labor costs upfront, you can rest assured your system will be setup properly to deliver reliable, effective security for your home. The small extra investment is worthwhile when considering the value security cameras provide in safeguarding your family and property.


Adding security cameras to your home provides an extra layer of protection for both home and family. But the job of physically installing the cameras requires some technical expertise to ensure the system effectively covers vulnerabilities. While DIY installation is certainly feasible for some, most homeowners are better off hiring a professional security camera installation company.

Professional installers have the experience, equipment and knowledge needed to ensure your cameras are optimally placed and configured. By considering factors like licensing, certifications, warranties and monitoring services when selecting an installer, you can identify the best pro for the job. Investing in professional security camera installation provides long-term peace of mind knowing your system will perform reliably as intended.

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