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Three Ways That a Home Security System Can Save You Money

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As a homeowner, you’re probably acutely aware of the myriad of benefits of having security system looking over your house. Not only does it help provide you with peace of mind, allowing you to be confident that your possessions and your family are safe, it can also save you significant money in the long run. Many people hesitate at getting a home security system, mistakenly believe that the initial investment is impractical. However, if you’re holding out on getting one due to the cost, think again. In fact, a home security system not only is a very economical purchase, is also actually fantastic way to help you save significant money!

It Protects Your Assets from Theft

When you leave your house, you don’t expect to come back to a ransacked and burgled home. It’s a common misconception that breaking and entry crimes often happen at night, but the truth is, the majority of them occur in broad daylight. Even if you step out for just an hour or two during the midafternoon, you could be putting your home at risk. Studies have shown that the average burglary costs a homeowner well over $2,000. Home security systems, however, act as a major deterrent, protecting you from being a victim of a costly theft.

It Safeguards Your Home from Fire Damage

The threat of burglary isn’t the only thing that your home security is protecting you from. While many of our home security systems monitor your home and notify the appropriate authorities if someone unlawfully enters it, they can also look out for the very real risk of fire. A fire in your home can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars between the price of your home and your belongings, and that doesn’t even touch on the irreplaceable things you own. To avoid becoming a statistic, you should absolutely invest in a home security system.

It Can Lower Your Homeowner Insurance Rates

Finally, one major perk of getting a home security system is that it can lower your premium costs on your homeowner insurance. Many insurance companies are more than happy to offer discounts on your insurance if you demonstrate to them that you have taken the appropriate measures to protect your home and your assets from crime. Just by having a home security system in place, you can save a significant sum on your homeowner insurance!

Without a doubt, a home security system from us here at Callaway Security is one of the best things for your peace of mind as well as your wallet. If you’re looking to get a home security system to help protect your family and your belongings, please don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information!