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Summer Home Security Tips

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As the days grow longer and the temperatures rise, there is no denying the fact that summer is just a few weeks away. While your mind will be on family celebrations, your summer bucket list, and maybe a vacation or two, you may get distracted from protecting your home. Summer can be a very vulnerable time for your home because thieves know that people are distracted. Since we take the security of your home and family so seriously, we put together a few home security tips to help you have a safe and happy summer season. 

Windows And Doors

Staying up late in the summer, enjoying the outdoors is a beautiful thing; however, you must make sure that all entrances are secured before calling it a night. Even when the nights are cool, you need to realize that open windows are a potential target. You should try and lock windows when you can or make sure they are monitored as part of your smart home system. 

Neighbors Help

If you are going to be away for a few days, see if your neighbor wouldn’t mind leaving an extra car in your driveway. Sometimes the simplicity of having an additional car in your driveway is enough to give thieves a reason to move along to their next target. Telling a trusted neighbor that you will be out of town is smart, they can keep an eye on your house overall and let you know if they see anything unusual. 

Keep It Close

Although you may be very excited about your upcoming trip, it may be best to post all those pictures to social media when you get back home. Letting people know that you are going to be leaving and then posting pictures while away gives out a bit too much information. Another thing to watch out for is checking in to locations. If your social media account shows you are in Alaska, a potential thief knows they have some time to hit your house and get away. 

Set The Alarm

You have the smart house system. You have the technology to keep your family safe. You are responsible for using it. If you are going to go through the process of putting a home security system in, we know that it matters to you. Forgetting to set the alarm is not an excuse. If you need to set a nightly reminder for yourself to make sure the house is armed, that is understandable. Some of the smart systems will do this for you as long as you take the time to program. 


Lighting is always essential for home security, but even more so if you think you may be out of town. Put a few lights on timers and make sure that they come on and off at different times. If someone is watching your house, they will see the light go on or off, and it will throw them off quite a bit. 

Ultimately the most important and reliable way to protect your home during any season is with a home security system. With how busy we all are in life, you need a system that does the monitoring for you. Being able to check on your home from wherever you might be is a huge benefit.