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Signs It Is Time to Upgrade Your Home Security System

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Each year, nearly 1.5 million burglaries take place in America. The majority of these burglaries take place in homes all over the United States. While most homeowners understand the importance of having a security system, many fail to realize these systems need to be updated. Simply setting and forgetting your home security system will cause problems.

Figuring out how to make your existing system better is much easier when consulting with professionals. An experienced security company will be able to help you find the right upgrades and install them correctly. Here are some of the signs you may notice when it is time to upgrade your existing home security system.

Wired Security Systems are Outdated

The security systems manufactured years ago relied on wired technology to make them work. This technology generally consisted of a series of cables ran throughout a home. Experienced burglars will have no problem finding the main power supply of a wired security system and cutting it to gain access to a residence. Instead of letting the thought of this happening keep you up at night, you need to take your home security solutions into the 21st century.

Replacing your outdated security system with a modern wireless option is a good idea. With a wireless system, you will not have to worry about running a massive amount of cables when trying to add devices. An experienced security company can get a new wireless system in place for an affordable price. Getting a few onsite estimates is vital when trying to get the best possible deal on your wireless security system.

You Can’t Remote View Your Security Cameras

Having security cameras spread around your property is also a good idea. Modern security cameras allow users to review the feed from their mobile devices. If you are away from home on business a lot, this remote viewing option can provide you with peace of mind. Instead of wondering what is going on at your home while you are away, you can see everything with the help of remote viewing.

Older security cameras also tend to have grainy and low-quality picture. This pixilation can make identifying an intruder impossible. The money you invest in modern security cameras will be worth it considering the clear and crisp picture they provide.

Your Current Security System Isn’t Monitored

Another sign you may notice when it is time to upgrade your existing security system is a lack of monitoring. Without this monitoring in place, it will be hard to get the authorities to your home quickly in the event of a break-in. If the system is monitored, it will immediately dial out when the alarm is tripped. A well-monitored security alarm will help you keep burglars at bay.

Modern Home Security Solutions at a Reasonable Price

If you are ready to upgrade your existing home security system, Callaway Security can help. Contact us to find out about the home security equipment we can install.