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No Contract Wireless Alarm Monitoring

No Contract Wireless Alarm Monitoring

Switch to Wireless Alarm Monitoring!

One time installation cost of $125, Just $22.00 a month, No Contract!

Our goal is to save you money by using the system you already have, upgrade it with wireless technology for a one-time cost of $125, and monitor for $22.00 a month with no contract. Our cellular transmitter is compatible with most GE, DSC, and Honeywell systems.  Assumes existing system has a compatible main panel,  is unlocked and its programming accessible

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Cellular wireless monitoring allows us to monitor your existing alarm system without a phone line. Instead of your alarm system being tied to a phone line, which can easily be cut and disabled, we add an Cellular transmitter to your alarm that communicates with our 24 Hour dispatch center through advanced GSM cellular networks.  Our system will send weekly test signals verifying communication to the central station.

Our Wireless Monitoring device is easy to install, and usually only take our technicians about 30 minutes to complete on a compatible alarm system. The Cellular transmitter is installed inside your home next to the main control box in your closet, and operates completely independent of your cell phone and internet connection. This results in the safest, most reliable monitoring available today.


Telguard Remote App

* Optional Upgrade

Smartphone control is now available for $7 extra per month.

  • – Remote arm & disarm from your smartphone
  • – Shows current alarm status
  • – Sends text and/or email notifications
  • – Shows alarm event history
  • – Reports full zone information
  • – Upgraded cellular model included

Wireless alarm monitoring is still $22.00 per month with no contract. The $7 extra per month is only if you add smartphone control to your system. Works with iPhone and Android only. Programming fee for interactive $ 69.

 Save Money

Go ahead, drop your land line and start saving money. Once you convert to cellular monitoring, your alarm system no longer needs a phone line to communicate with our monitoring center. Families save hundreds a year by going completely wireless with cellular monitoring.

 Confidence Wireless Monitoring

If your phone line gets cut, goes down, or your power goes out, with our wireless monitoring device you are still protected. Our Uplink transmitters offer the best security monitoring with digital encryption, and dual band GSM capability. Unlike your cell phone, our cellular transmitters have access to all major networks like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and other carriers. We always test and check cellular coverage at your home.

 Voip and Digital Phones

Some alarm companies will monitor your alarm system through internet based phone (VOIP) services like U-Verse, Vonage, or Comcast. Through extensive testing Callaway Security has discovered reliability issues when those types of services are connected to an alarm system. Callaway Security can solve this issue by bypassing them all together with cellular monitoring. Whether your phone gets cut, your phone goes down, or you decide to drop the land line, you are protected when you use our Wireless monitoring device.