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Home Security Systems – Buckhead GA

Maintaining a constant watch on your property through a monitoring system is one of the main reasons people invest in home security systems in Buckhead. There’s not only someone constantly watching your home, but they will also notify you if they notice something unusual happening whether you are there or not.

There are two types of monitoring systems to choose from, DIY and Professional. You decide if you want your home security systems to be professionally monitored or if you will be doing the monitoring. Making the choice proves to be easier once you know each method’s advantages and disadvantages.

What is DIY and Free monitoring?

DIY monitoring is also known as unmonitored home security. This means that you will personally be monitoring your security feed. It goes without saying that this is the cheaper option between the two.

The way that you will keep watch on your home is typically through a Smartphone app that accompanies most security systems.  The app lets you check in on your home from wherever you are, and also alerts you whenever something abnormal happens at home while you are away.

Thanks to technological advancements and infrared sensors, these alerts are more accurate than they have been known to be in the past. This means that they do not easily trigger and set the alarm off with the movement of trees in the wind or pets running around the house.

You can even share responsibility with family members, because many people can keep watch using the same application. Everyone will be notified whenever an incident occurs, however, you will be required to decide if the warning is serious enough to inform the authorities. It is also an option to use the same app to monitor multiple properties such as your home or vacation property.

Professional monitoring

Professional monitoring, or monitored home security, is when a company is in charge of watching your home 24/7. This leaves you free of responsibility and feeling safe. You can go about your day knowing that a remote monitoring center will constantly keep watch on your home or homes and respond immediately to alerts by alerting authorities.

Anytime there is a triggered alarm or a false alarm, the monitoring center will first contact you to find out if the warning is false or legitimate. They will then ask for a password, that you choose, to let the monitoring company know if you are okay or not. If they can’t reach you, they have the options to either contact your alternative contact or immediately dispatch authorities.

It is obvious you have to pay for these services and will also have to sign a contract for professional security monitoring. The contract not only safeguards your home, but also ensures that you allow the company to watch your home.

At first, customers are usually opposed to the idea that a third party would be watching their home. Although some people are not happy or comfortable with the thought of a third party watching their property, they realize that they want to have their home safe at all times. When they are at work, they do not want to have to worry about protecting their homes. When they are out of town, they want to know that they can relax knowing their home is in good hands.

To give peace of mind, Callaway Security states that the people who monitor your Home Security System can only see your home’s ‘weak’ or probable entry spots. In other words, it’s only the places covered by the installed cameras that they see. If you do not want them to have access to see inside of the house, you have that right.

You still have your privacy where it is needed. This is why it is actually worth it to pay for professional monitoring services, because you are assured that your home will be monitored constantly. This is important in the surrounding Atlanta areas due to higher crime rates as you get closer to the city.

Just lift your phone

All it takes to find out more information is a call to Callaway Security to discover all you need to know about Home Security services. Callaway is willing to answer any questions you have, so do not hesitate to call today. Take the next step to ensure the best monitoring for your home.