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Home Security System Dawsonville

Home Security Systems Dawsonville

Selecting the best home security systems in Dawsonville can be a daunting procedure. There are so many brands of security to choose from, and once you are done choosing you have to make a decision between which company you want to go with and if you want to do a DIY security system.

Each brand, company, and style come with pros and cons. Callaway Security explains the differences between the two to help you make your choice in an easier and less stressful way.

DIY Home Security Systems or Home Alarm System- Dawsonville Installation

A DIY installation is obviously a more pocket-friendly option because there are no additional installation fees to be paid.  This method of security system carries a lot of maintenance and responsibility. You are responsible for everything that deals with the system. You are in charge of buying, installing and monitoring the security system as well.

One upside of the DIY system is that you can start installing the equipment as soon as you receive it. This means you don’t have to make any installation appointments or wait to be scheduled. You can also set up equipment as you like, unlike a professional installation which is required to follow a standard protocol.

There however are drawbacks, mainly being lack of expertise. It’s true that DIY security systems are relatively easy to install, however, the wrong installation is risky because it compromises on your home’s safety.

Due to the fact that you don’t install security systems every day, you naturally need more time understanding the process and installing it. You may even waste a lot of time because everything is done on a trial and error basis.

Another downfall to the DIY installation is that you do not qualify for warranties on the equipment. There’s no way to guarantee that you executed the installation correctly in the first place, and they can say that you damaged equipment due to lack of experience.

Ultimately, a DIY home security system can hurt you if your home suffers from a fire or robbery if it is discovered that the fire or robbery occurred due to improper installation of the home security system.

Professional Home Security Systems- Dawsonville Installation

The other option is a professional installation. Professional Installations may cost a bit more, but everything is taken care of by the company. While you may get involved in choosing the equipment of your choice, the company takes care of the rest of the work like installation. The company has warranties on the equipment and can make sure you are always up to date in the best technology.

With the right research, you might be able to find a company offering a discount for installing and setting up your system. You may even get an offer where you receive more equipment or better package upgrades for paying for installation. This is not offered when you choose the DIY home security system route.

You don’t have to worry about the right place to set up your cameras, or about wires lying scattered around your home. The experts do everything for you in a professional manner and use their years of experience to make sure you and your home are taken care of. They have been taught the protocols and know the best places to set things up to ensure peace of mind for home owners.

You get to sit back and relax while they do all the work for you, and you know that the equipment will be installed correctly. However, you might have to wait for companies to schedule you in. If you are lucky, they may come with the equipment on the first day. Otherwise, you have to schedule an appointment and wait for them to come and install the system. This requires you to be home when they come and stay with them while they work on your home. It is a small price to pay to make sure that your home is safe.

Home Security Services Dawsonville- A Combination of Both

Callaway Security offers a choice of both DIY and professional installation, and even a combination of both. Call now to learn more. Call and ask about how to get your first 3 months free monitoring, and to talk to a professional about the needs you have about a home security system.