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5 Reasons Why Security System Professional Installation is a Must

Home Security System Professional Installation
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Home Security Systems and Home Automation

Is there a better place than home? We pull into our driveway and open the garage door. Then we move the car to its proper place. We open the garage door and grab some things from the car before heading to the door. The door leads inside, and we notice it is conveniently open. We are unable to reach the switch because it is dark. No problem; we can use the automated system that we purchased online. For some, it’s Google Home; for others, it’s Amazon Alexa.

“Turn on your kitchen lights.”

There is no reply. It’s small, but it is ugly and distracting. Worse, it doesn’t work when we need it. We then empty our hands, sift through our phones and locate our Home app.

It is located beneath the toggle for kitchen lights and reads: “Device unavailable.”

This could be an issue with the home app, so we examine the manufacturer-supplied apps and try to recall if the light is a smart bulb on a standard switch or a standard bulb on a smart switch; which app was it? There are so many. As we examine the phone, pay attention to various devices and their particular manufacturer-specific apps.

“The lights must have six different bulbs and three switches. Smoke alarms. Does the app share one with the thermostat and video doorbell? Or was the thermostat made by a different manufacturer, so a separate app operates it? Although the speaker and hub share an app, what about the other devices?”

We then ask ourselves: “Wait! Why was the garage door cracked? Is there somebody in here?” Did the security system have an alarm? If so, why didn’t anyone call? What was the name and URL of this app?”

“Hello, is there someone?”

It can be confusing and difficult to integrate home automation and security. It should be easy to use if it is properly integrated and monitored. We will list five reasons to consider Callaway Security for your professional installation.

1. Integration

Integrating smart home devices from multiple manufacturers into one user-friendly interface can be difficult. There are so many options on the market for smart home devices. Many smart home devices are available, including security and lighting systems, as well as appliances and components for the home. Each manufacturer has its app that must be integrated into the interface. Callaway Security integrates devices into a single, intuitive interface.

The ELAN interface links the individual components of security, climate control, and appliances into one simple-to-use system. It can trigger events once installed. It is as easy as opening your garage door to trigger an event. This will turn on the lights in your home, lock doors, set the temperature, and host other events. To make your experience even more enjoyable, the system adapts to you. Elan learns about its users’ habits, tendencies, and preferences and adapts accordingly. We want to make it easy to change your moods, preferences, or access to your home. You can customize the experience from one room to another, user to user. Although technology has many possibilities and capabilities, it’s easy to use and understand.

2. Support

A home security system and home automation system professionally installed has one advantage: a single resource for support. It can be difficult to understand the differences between components and devices of different manufacturers. Things happen, and they can have an impact on our home automation systems and home security systems. There are many potential issues with service interruptions and compatibility, from power outages to changes in internet service providers to software updates. Users often have to diagnose the problem to contact the manufacturer for assistance. Manufacturer support presents a different set of challenges. We’ve all been there. After being on hold for an hour, we are instructed to check for power and connectivity. This is something we have done before calling.

Callaway Security understands that the quality of our customer service experience depends on the skillsets of the professionals we hire. We emphasize core values and ongoing training to ensure our clients are happy and productive. We offer one source of resolution for all the common problems in our lives.

3. Higher Level of Safety and Security

Because it is required, most homes have basic fire protection devices like smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. We may have a doorbell camera or other devices. We trust that they are working and that everything is in order. Then we go about our daily lives hoping that nothing will be major. We all ask ourselves these questions at some point in our day.

Callaway Security provides peace of mind and safety for your home. We can strategically install CCTV cameras and offer our clients 24/7 home monitoring in Atlanta and around Georgia. Also, we can alert them in the case of suspicious activity. Advanced sensors are used to detect smoke, heat, and fire. Cameras with UV sensors support this detection. The system will alert authorities and light all hallways and exits to warn them. This will prevent smoke from spreading further.

4. A Professional Look & Feel

Some of us must first go through the remotes on our coffee tables and switch on various components of the home entertainment system before we can sit on the couch and watch our favorite TV shows. We turn on the TV, switch to the cable box, the sound system, and finally, the media player. The space seems cluttered with wires and components. The electrical outlets will certainly be at their maximum capacity.

The state-of-the-art home theatre design offers a professional appearance with an easy-to-use interface. Voice automation makes it even simpler and allows you to customize your experience. The size and shape of the room are taken into consideration by our acoustic engineers and installation team. Wires and speakers are hidden, so the space is functional and comfortable. Professionally installed speakers are placed in cabinets and ceiling walls to conceal wires, cables, amplifiers, and digital media portals.

5. Easy to Use

There is an app for every situation; it can be tiring to go through all the apps on your phone. Many use search engines, finance apps, shopping applications, etc. Finding the right application for your home security or home automation device is difficult. Additionally, it takes up much space and can lead to data loss.

Callaway Security offers a user-friendly interface and a fully customizable experience. You can set up automatic timers for each home security and automation device. The interface allows users to select “Home,” and the system will sync with the current music list to play the same music indoors or outdoors. The system will activate outdoor lighting, turn on hall lighting and illuminate entryways. As users arrive, blinds will open, and doors will be unlocked. You can set the fireplace to play TV or any other media preference. There are many options.

After a long day at work, clients return to their driveways lit with security and safety. Their hands are full, but the lights in their kitchen turn on automatically. Music begins playing softly from the speaker embedded in the ceiling. The blinds open, and the fireplace ignites as they set their items on the counter. They check for security alerts to make sure their home is secure. If there are any, they feel relieved to know whom to contact. Callaway Security believes that home is not just what we see but how it should be. Contact us now for professional installation of home security systems in Atlanta.