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How to Secure Your Home Without an Alarm

How to secure your home without an alarm

Helpful Tips to Secure Your Home (w/o Alarms)

In certain neighborhoods, residents aren’t worried about the threat of crime. If this is the case on your street, it’s a good idea to spread up the welcoming mat to your neighbors, but be careful, as tiny mistakes can have serious consequences. 

Here are some top priority suggestions on protecting your home without any security alarm system or security cameras.

Prevent Intruders by Locking your Doors and Windows

It is possible to prevent intruders by following proper home security, such as:

  • Install an electronic padlock or deadbolt on your front door. All exterior doors and garage doors must have locks with deadbolts since regular door locks are more difficult to break. If you have just moved into a new house and are renting it, ask your landlord whether the locks have been changed after the previous owner left.
  • Keep your spare key properly. Don’t hide it on top of the doorframe or beneath the doormat because this is a common practice, and burglars may be suspicious. You could also purchase magnetized lock boxes to put beneath your vehicle or key boxes that appear like sprinkler heads.
  • Long metal bars can be snared between your doorknobs and the floor beneath. This prevents intruders from opening the door from outside. They can be bought, or you can build them by yourself and install them on your door frames.
  • Reinforce your windows. Always lock your windows when you’re away from home, particularly windows on the ground. If your windows don’t already have locks, you may buy latches on the internet or from the local home improvement store.
  • Apply tape to your windows and doors. This will alert you to the possibility of someone opening your windows and doors. If someone broke into your home before you, they’d likely try the same thing again.

Be Cautious

An interesting survey finding is that 42 percent of homeowners worry about their homes’ security. If you’ve got an innate feeling that there could be a danger, you could:

  • The light should be turned on as leaving. This gives a potential burglar the impression that someone is living at home. The likelihood of burglars is lower getting into a home when they believe they’re likely to get taken into custody, arrested, or even hurt when they do.
  • Find a guard dog. Dogs are great pets, but they also make fantastic security tools. Even if your dog doesn’t engage in a fight, its barking can signal a criminal.
  • Secure valuable items in your garage or house. This includes bikes, grills, and everything else that might entice anyone to break into your home. Make sure you don’t put out ladders or other tools that would be helpful to an intruder.
  • Make plans ahead to go for a holiday. Have a neighbor take care of your newspaper and mail when you’re away, and you could suspend your mail for a while. If burglars have easy access to newspaper piles in your drive, they’ll think you’re away from home.

Utilize Your Technology to Fend Off Intruders

If your house could be an easy target for unwelcomed visitors, you should:

  • Contact Police if you think there is you have a burglar. If you see the signs of a burglary or believe somebody is breaking into your home, you should leave your home if you can safely do so. Otherwise, get your phone and run away. Contact the authorities as quickly as possible and be sure to avoid the intrusion.
  • Install motion-detecting lights. This will alert you when someone is in your home. Motion detectors are relatively inexpensive and simple to install. And you can change their range of distance and the time the lights remain in operation following activation.
  • Buy items that can be utilized for guns. While you should be wary of a potential attacker whenever possible, you could find yourself in a position where you must defend yourself. Golf clubs and baseball bats are great options, as are other sharp items. Be sure to keep hazardous objects from children.
  • Have a firearm if you are comfortable shooting. Remember that guns can be very dangerous, and you should know what you are doing. If you buy a gun, it is recommended that you attend an instructor or have someone guide you in shooting the gun correctly. Find out about self-defense and firearm laws in your region; it could be illegal to shoot an intruder unless they threaten you.
  • Keep mace or pepper spray mace around your home. Pepper spray is an effective weapon for defense since it doesn’t require physical strength or expertise. It’s cheap and readily widely available in shops and on the internet. It is quick to stop burglars and gives you the time to contact the police.

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