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Smart Home Automation And Home Security

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As homeowners, we are finding ourselves living in futuristic times. With everything from talking appliances to smart home automation systems, we have homes that are frequently more in tune with us, then we are with them. Lights we can control with our voices, garage doors we can open before we arrive home, and even thermostats we can control while away on vacation. 

With the advances in technology and the help of wifi, our abilities to control systems in our home are almost endless. Gone are the days of needing to have a neighbor on call to turn your front porch light on and off while you are away in hopes of keeping would be burglars at bay. With the home automation systems of today, you not only have that ability remotely but can also integrate your security services into your home’s automation platform. 

Automating Almost Anything

The smart home automation systems of today use wifi connections to allow remote programming and monitoring that are connected to a network that you can control from one location. This ability to communicate with other devices is what makes the automation system “smart”. 

Since the rise of smartphones and tablets, home automation systems have risen to meet this new ability to connect and control everything in our homes, from televisions and audio systems to emergency systems such as security monitors and fire alarms. Once connected, these systems can be managed from right inside the home to long distances away, all thanks to wifi networks and smartphone devices. 

Smart Homes Are Safer Homes

Smart home security systems are one of the most practical applications provided for the automated home. These systems can range in complexity, consisting of minimal cameras that can be remotely accessed, locking doors remotely, and the ability to set off the alarm remotely, and a myriad of options from which to choose. 

The ability to monitor your home while you are away will give you peace of mind, and it can also come in handy even if you are inside your home or on your property. Being able to look at areas of your property through your phone, lock and unlock doors at the touch of a button, or send for help with access to emergency units can all be lifesaving benefits of having your home automated under your control. 

Professional Smart Home Automation And Security Systems Installation

Callaway Security can provide you with detailed home security and automation plan that meets your specific needs, giving you the security that you and your family deserve. With experience in smart home automation technology, Callaway Security can integrate luxury with practical, all with you in control from anywhere you travel to the comfort of your home.