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4 Common Problems With Security Systems and How To Avoid Them Like A Pro

4 Common Problems With Security Systems and How To Avoid Them Like A Pro

No matter how expensive or how advanced your security system is or how much you pay for monthly monitoring, if it fails to secure your home and notify you the second something goes wrong, it is as good as nothing.

Having a security system in place doesn’t automatically protect you. Due to factors like the age of the system, incorrect zoning, or lack of coverage, the risk that your alarm system won’t respond properly increases significantly. Regular security inspections are paramount to ensure your system is functioning at its best year-round.

We’ve rounded up a list of the 4 most common problems with security systems and how to avoid them.

  1. False alarms

A large number of security system activations are false alarms. This usually happens when the system was not installed properly and almost any sound, from an open window to falling branches, can trigger it.

False alarms are extremely frustrating and, in some cases, really expensive. In some cities, you can get a fine for false security alarms that occur at residential or commercial properties.

How to avoid this problem: Proper installation and maintenance is paramount to keep the system functioning at its best. Owners need to regularly call for an inspection in order to prevent false alarm.

  1. Incorrect programming

Another common problem with security systems is incorrect programming. Even if panels were properly installed and programmed, if the building’s layout changes, the system won’t function as expected.

The common solution to this problem would be to reprogram the panel and adjust it to the changes. But what happens when you can’t detect your security system needs to be reprogrammed?

How to avoid this problem: Regular inspections can help you identify potential problems and avoid costly or dangerous situations. By performing security home inspections frequently, you can anticipate the failure of your system and have it fixed before something happens.

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  1. System won’t arm/disarm

Whenever you are arming the security system, you must wait for the green light to light before arming the system. If the light is not lit, it might mean the windows or doors are not properly closed. It might also mean that something is wrong with the security system and you have to repair it.

The same goes for disarming the system. If you entered the security code and the system still doesn’t disarm, although you know for sure you make no mistakes, then there’s something wrong with the alarm.

How to avoid this problem: Regular inspection can detect if something is wrong with a security system long before it shows any visible signs of malfunction.

  1. There’s a problem with the intelligibility of the voice evacuation system

Knowing that you will be notified by your security system when something is wrong gives you real peace of mind. If the audible and visual notification devices were not placed properly, the intelligibility of the evacuation system could be severely altered.

How to fix this problem: This type of problem usually occurs when the security system was installed by the owner itself. Regular inspection can point to errors and potential problems and uncover them before they become serious issues.

As you can see, the solution to most security system problems is inspection. We can’t stress enough about how important inspection, testing, and maintenance is and how much can it do to prevent potentially dangerous and costly problems.

At Callaway Security, we make sure your home or office security system is properly functioning all year-round. Give us a call and we will schedule a security system inspection for you.

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