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4 Benefits of Wireless Security

wireless home security

Wireless technology keeps you up to date with important things happening at home or business. It evolves effortlessly to tailor to your growing needs. Wireless security systems make life smarter and safer. Consider these five reasons when selecting a wireless safety device.


There’s no exposed landline or cable line to be cut from outside the house that would make the traditional wired home security system ineffective. Standard wired home safety systems are also vulnerable when your power, telephone, or internet service is out. Callaway Security uses a reliable, dedicated cellular network to always signal an alarm in an emergency.


Because wireless sensors are easy to move, you can use them to track all kinds of things around your home or business, with actual-time notifications to keep you aware of what’s going on. Sensors are small enough to keep a close watch on a medicine cabinet, monitor entryways, or make sure a safe isn’t accessed without immediate knowledge.


Our vast array of security monitors, wireless sensors, and accessories will help you meet your needs.  These are easy to set up, and sometimes you can use an old system’s same sensors–ensuring there’s no need to tie up with the ancient system that came with your home.

The increased capacity of your service provider to assist and diagnose via their technical support department is another significant benefit of the cellular connection. Any problem with your wired system in the past involved a technician’s visit. Callaway Security can access the device remotely to identify and even repair issues quickly.


Your needs will change as you and your family grow and develop. You may want to attach a camera to your nursery with a child on the way. It’s easy to add a smart lock to let sitters come and go or a nanny cam if you’re traveling more and need to employ a pet sitter. Whatever you may need to incorporate in the future, you can be ensured your wireless system is expanding.

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