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Home Security Systems Duluth

Security monitoringAs a homeowner, how can you prepare for an unexpected emergency like a fire or break-in attempt?  Surely, you can’t predict when these events might occur, but you can exercise a level of preparedness with a 24/7 home monitoring system.  For Duluth residents, Callaway Home Security is one of the leading services for round-the-clock alarm system maintenance and monitoring.  The safety of your property and family depends on having protection at all hours of the day, regardless of your time at work or asleep.  Get the home security you need today by calling the home security experts at Callaway.

Our monitoring system is designed to provide the fastest response time in the Metro Atlanta area and the Callaway call center is complete with dozens of security consultants that are ready to contact emergency responders at a moment’s notice.  Our facility is 5-Diamond Certified by the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) and UL-approved to meet the highest safety standards.  For over 20 years, our team has helped hundreds of Duluth homeowners reach their security goals.

Duluth Property Crime Statistics

What’s the biggest motivation for you to install a home alarm system?  Surely, the safety of your family is probably the most important reason behind your decision, but most Duluth homeowners confess that a break-in attempt is the biggest reason for their concern.  Property crimes are extremely common across Georgia, but more importantly, they can be frightening to the entire family.  Property crimes can take many forms, like vandalism, theft, robbery, arson, or even shoplifting.  Most of the time, these don’t involve any type of violence, but are simply opportunities for criminals to steal valuables from an unattended garage or to take advantage of a homeowner who is on vacation.

Based on crime statistics, it turns out Duluth is one of the safer Metro Atlanta suburbs, but there has been a noticeable in property crimes over the past few years.  For example, from in 2013, Duluth reached a 4-year high in the number of reported thefts (545 incidents).  Duluth residents face about a 2% chance of becoming a victim of theft (about 1 in 52) and about a .03% chance of becoming a target for burglary.  While these numbers are low, no one can predict when they might become a part of that statistic.  Start preparing today by outfitting your home with a whole-home alarm system.

The Most Advanced Security Technology

The foundation of any monitoring service is the quality of technology it uses.  That’s precisely why we offer the largest selection of security devices and products.  Every homeowner has a different idea of what total security means.  For some, it means having a simple keypad entry device.  For others, it might mean having a camera system installed around the property’s premises.  For any level of home security, we offer a wide range of products, including:

  • Keypad entry units
  • Wall-mounted security cameras
  • Glass break detectors
  • Fire and smoke alarms
  • Front door cameras
  • Key fob remotes
  • Motion detector lighting
  • CCTV systems

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm monitoring is part of any Callaway service.  All responsible homeowners should have multiple fire alarms throughout the home and our team will help alert you, and emergency responders, in the event of a fire.  Our fast-response technology will help us get the help you need to your home as quickly as possible to reduce the chances for damage or injury.

Commercial Monitoring

Duluth businesses also qualify for Callaway Security monitoring and installation.  Loss prevention is a central component of any business, so our team will help install the most advanced security systems to keep your inventory, employees, and guests safe.  For more information about our customized business security plans, speak with one of our expert commercial monitoring consultants today at (770) 395-9692.