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Atlanta Home & Business Security Services

Callaway Security is a one-stop shop for all of you home or business technology needs. We offer all the products and services you need to keep protect your home, business or commercial building. We have been working with residential and commercial clients in and around Atlanta for over twenty years.

In addition to selling, installing and servicing security and fire alarm systems, CCTV, keypads, key fobs, smoke detectors, motion detectors, glass break detectors and wireless monitoring devices, we also provide other services such as structured wiring, and our Builder Program.

Callaway Security offers structured wiring for new homes or commercial building in and around Atlanta. Callaway Security’s structured wiring systems provide “electronic foundation” for telephone, fax, modem, cable TV, DSS, high speed Internet, computer networking, audio, video, security and home management. Structured wiring for the 21st Century is planning today for the home networking systems of tomorrow and creates open, scalable systems to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s applications.

Callaway Security’s structured approach is to run a full bundle of wire to every significant room. The full structured bundle consists or two 4-pair Cat 5 cables and two coax cables (usually quad shield RG-6) and optionally, two multi-mode optical fibers. This is the configuration that has become the overwhelmingly preferred standard.

Callaway Security has been serving Atlanta’s best homebuilders for more than eighteen years through our builder program. We have found a great niche with custom home building and renovations in and around the Atlanta area. Being a diversified company, we provide a client with one stop shopping for all their home technology needs.

If you need structured wiring for a new home or commercial building or if you are a builder in or around Atlanta and need a company you can trust to provide all home technology needs, please our Atlanta Home & Business Security Service Experts at Callaway Security today. We look forward to working with you.

Home & Business Security Services
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