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Alarm Installation for Builders

Structured Wiring Installation For Builders

Building a home in Atlanta? Boosting the value of your property is as easy as installing a dedicated home alarm system during the construction process. A pre-wired home saves future homeowners the hassle of hiring a technician later on and even saves you thousands compared to structured wiring costs after sheetrock is already installed.

Pre-Wiring Home For Security System: Structured Cabling | Callaway Alarm Installation Atlanta

Structured wiring solutions allow homeowners to outfit their home with integrated systems once they move in. From home security to internet connectivity, low-voltage wiring is a modern necessity that is best installed when there’s easy access to interior walls. Structured cabling can be used for:

  • VOIP
  • Telephone lines
  • Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) Monitoring
  • Cat5 & Cat6 Wiring
  • Systems Networking (Wifi, LAN)
  • Home Theater and A/V Systems
  • Satellite and Cable TV

Structured cabling, or structured wiring, is one of the many ways that homeowners get the convenience of modern technology in today’s residential property. Outfitting a home early into that process is usually the best option for both builders and future buyers or tenants.

Commercial Structured Wiring

 From apartment complexes to indoor officespaces, commercial structures need an integrated system to connect with phone lines, security systems, and other modern features. Especially when it comes to the security of your business, you should always have the infrastructure to protect your inventory, employees, and long-term success.

Adding a business security system is part of today’s modern commercial building plans. Most commercial construction teams take structure wiring to be a central component of the building’s infrastructure and work step-by-step with a technician to ensure the property is connectivity-ready.

Structure cabling for property both commercial and residential is designed to connect windows, garages, and exterior doors into a fully-comprehensive unit. When the unit is armed and a window is opened, the alarm is immediately activated. The system can even add advanced security features later on like glass break monitors, access control units, and surveillance cameras.  While there are non-wired security options, these are almost never recommended by home security experts because they fail to integrate the home from the ground up, leaving windows, doors, and other entry points unprotected.

For top-rated, affordable, and certified structured wiring installation, trust the team at Callaway Security. Call us today us at (770) 395-9692 to learn more about how your construction company can partner with Atlanta’s best residential and commercial security company!




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